Hotel Georgia, Vancouver, Canada

Big News! For the first time in my life I didn't worry about the weather before my trip! Huge progress for me as a traveler. Of course, I knew that all weather websites predicted rain, rain and, again, rain, but I wasn't worried even a bit. Now I am guessing perhaps it's the reason why the Sun Gods rewarded me with unexpectedly sunny days and only a very little rain. I was very excited to go on a new journey to celebrate my 29th birthday and Valentine's Day so any upside was very welcome. My hubby bought us tickets for Valentine's Day and so we flew to Vancouver on Cupid's wings. And this is a great start for any adventure, isn't it? 

I've wanted to go to Canada for a long time and I'm really pleased to have started with Vancouver. The city is awesome. I immediately felt some connection with it, maybe because Vancouver is reminiscent of San Francisco with its welcoming cozy atmosphere. I felt myself at home immediately. Vancouver surprised me with its cleanliness, organization, and I would say sincere hospitality. I was captivated by the amazing nature just outside the city, especially by the snow-capped mountains that surround it. But everything in order. I will start my story with the hotel we were fortunate enough to stay.

Hotel Georgia is an historical hotel in the downtown of the city, surrounded by boutiques and restaurants. The hotel located close to the underground and we took this train from the airport thinking that if the train has such nice name Skyline Train, it means we are going to be above the city enjoying the views. But the train goes under the ground and you see nothing for 15 minutes at least. It was convenient, but not very pretty.

When I am visiting a big city, I do love to stay in a nice hotel. We were very lucky with the Georgia. We got upgraded to a deluxe room on the sixth floor, it was large, spacious and full of light. This was most wonderful because the standard rooms have bathrooms only with a shower, no tub. And what, I ask you, is a Valentine's celebration without a full tub? The bathroom in our room was just awesome. Very large. And what a tub!  After a long day in the city, when my feet were seriously considering divorcing me, when I felt I saw all of Vancouver and now it's time to die, it was such a pleasure to lie down for an hour or so into this fabulous tub with a glass of champagne and finally relax.

By the way, believe it or not, we had only one big suitcase with us, so we unpacked quite quickly. I am sure it was my first time when I didn't overpack, but underpack. I tried really hard to take the minimum. And you know, I'm so sorry about that (Robert was very happy and proud of me though). But girls, it's better to overpack your suitcase than to feel the absence or lack of your other favorite shirt or pants. I learned that lesson here. 

Anyway, while I was working out the connection to the Internet, which is free in the room for one person only (shame on you, Hotel Georgia), Robert studied the menu and drinks in the room service book, as well as the spa offers. The heated indoor swimming pool in the hotel was not bad, not bad at all. My man was very pleased with it. 

The view from the room on our first day wasn't very colorful because of a little rain, but we were very glad to see that we faced the Vancouver Art Gallery. 

We also received a little Valentine's treat from the hotel in the form of weird lollypops. I am sure somebody just really wanted to become an artist, but became a baker... And here we are with a cute, but pointless, desert. 

During our stay we ordered breakfast a couple of times to the room. The menu was fairly standard, nothing special. I have a feeling that all upscale hotels have the same menu to serve guests in their rooms. But on the other hand, it's a good thing, because then I can order my favourite hotel-style breakfast which is a house smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese, red onion, and capers. This is truly my very favorite breakfast at any hotel. And, of course, fresh grapefruit juice!

Every evening we would find two delicious cookies next to the bed. Thank you, Robert, for letting me eat both of them each time. 

Being so fond of night cookies, I got curious about other deserts in the hotel. So one evening (aka the champagne night) we ordered the lemon tart. Very unusual kind of lemon tart but so worth the calories!

Upon arrival day we didn't do too much. We walked around the city a little bit, we had a bite at a sushi restaurant. We ended our first evening in Vancouver with a romantic dinner in the old town with French food. I love French cuisine in a bistro style a lot so my man knew where to take me exactly. But I will tell you about our food adventure later. For now I just want to say that if you are on your way to Vancouver, you won't regret by staying in the Hotel Geargia. 

And I almost forgot to mention, they have great concierges. One young guy (Adam) with a cute French accent in particular helped us to spent our time in the city smartly.