Granville Island: Food Heaven in Vancouver, Canada

On our trip to Vancouver we decided to dedicate one day to Granville Island in order to become familiar with local products, delicacies, and of course, take a look at all sorts of trinkets and souvenirs. It was a very long day because we took a walk through different neighborhoods of the city on our way to Granville Island. Some of these neighborhoods, most with very tall glass apartment buildings, look much more modern. These areas are in significant contrast to the more historic downtown and the sheer size of the towers made it immediately clear to us how Vancouver fits in 2 million people. 

We also went through Yaletown (basically because every source suggests this place for a visit), but this part of the town didn't impress me at all. I guess it's probably very cool at night as I noticed a lot of bars and restaurants around. Perhaps in another few years it will have more of a draw than just eating and drinking, but for now there is not really anything else of interest there. Anyway, when my heel began to form a callous, we went to the water taxi (which we loved) stop from where we were whisked straight to the Island of Food.

Water Taxi in Vancouver is so cute. It looks like toy-size boat. 

From Granville Island you can enjoy more views of beautiful tall glass buildings, yachts, and bridges.

Views aside, it is all about Granville Food Market, a foodie's erotic dream! The space is somewhat tight, but there are so many different corners of amazing food. The hundreds of delicacies are almost overwhelming. My husband actually got a little dizzy from what can only be described as a sensual assault of sight, sound, color and aroma.  You can find  everything you want from meats to sweets, from veggies to cheeses, from baked goodies to pastas. There are also several restaurants around the market with very interesting menus.   

I don't know how we survived in that food heaven by not eating everything. We split a little bagel with a wonderful smoked 'Montreal meat' to calm down our bellies.

Of course, we couldn't refuse trying the local ice-cream at Roger's Chocolate cafe.

It was a truly fantastic day at Granville Island.