Sunset and The Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, Canada

In truth, Robert and I are not enthusiastic fans of winter sports (skiing or snowboarding), but we still decided to climb to the top of the Grouse Mountain to enjoy a sunset and to have a romantic dinner in one of the restaurants located right on the top. We again refused to take a taxi considering the public transportation would be a more fun choice. Leaving a few minutes late, we were almost running all the way to the water bus terminal. We had a plan to reach top of the mountain right before sunset and we were already a little bit behind schedule. 

First, we crossed to the other side by water bus (basically a glass box on the water). It took us 10 minutes. By the way, even through we bought the tickets, nobody was there to check on them. I guess they really have so much trust between the government and the citizens. While we were enjoying our short ride on the water bus we also had a chance to see a spectacular view of the Vancouver skyline which reminds me a little of a city of the future. Gorgeous! 

We then took a bus. I want to note that public transportation in Vancouver is very clean and very organized. The bus was almost empty, just us and few children with snowboarding equipment. After 20 minutes we arrived at the entrance to Grouse Mountain where a little surprise brought us to a screeching halt - a massive line to buy tickets for the Skyride gondola which takes everyone up to the top of the mountain. My mood sank a little (okay, I was pouting), because I had already decided that I would miss the sunset, there simply wasn't enough time. Fortunately, the line moved very quickly, and since we had a reservation for dinner at the restaurant, the tickets were free. "What are the prices in the restaurant then?" I thought to myself, but didn't dwell on it too much. It was my first time on any kind of gondola so, of course, once we started up the mountain there was a huge smile on my face. I loved it!  The views of the city, Pacific Ocean and snowy peaks were really breathtaking!

Best of all, I saw we were going to be in time for the sunset!

On top of this mountain there is a ski resort and two restaurants. Before we went to dinner, we were treated to one of the most beautiful sunsets in our lives. The color scheme of the sunset was just magical. And damn we were really lucky with the weather!

We then had dinner in the Observatory, a glass walled restaurant overlooking Vancouver. We had reserved a table near the window, so we could enjoy the night lights of the city while enjoying wine and delicious food. The menu at this restaurant is unusual. All the dishes had one price. Not cheap, but not expensive. Since the Skyride was included, on the whole, the evening was quite reasonable.  The most important thing, we had a fantastic evening full of beautiful sights...including each other!