Cool Restaurants In Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, very much like San Francisco, offers a lot of great restaurants with enough amazing food and different atmospheres to please any taste. It was a challenge for us just to choose where to have lunch or dinner. Everything sounded so delicious and yummy basically everywhere. So please let me share with you few places you definitely can't ignore when you are visiting Vancouver. I also want to point out that Robert and I are very picky about the food we eat and we are indeed spoiled in this regard. 

1. Jules

Casual French Bistro

Valentine's Day dinner  was at Jules. What a treat! I love french casual cuisine (aka bistro style) so much. My man knew exectly where to take me on a special night. The interior is very festive with an old world, very French, charm with a warm atmosphere and lovely music. The food is outstanding. Escargots in a garlic and parsley butter were especially good as well as the Moules Frites steamed in white wine! Speaking of wine, the wine selection they have is just wonderful. We even splurged a little bit on wine. It was so worth it. 

2. Incendio

Gastown's Original Pizzeria that also offers outstanding  brunch menu on weekends.

We had such a delicious brunch there one morning. The place is stylish and bright. I had an amazing Veggie Frittata and my husband really scored on breaded chicken breast with mornay souse on a Belgian waffle, a combination he had never even heard of before. We meant to come back for another meal the next day, but unfortunately Vancouver offers so many more places we wanted to try. 

3. The Observatory Restaurant

Outstanding romantic dinner with the most breathtaking views of sunset and Vancouver at night.

Beautiful restaurant. The view is worth every calorie  you will eat. We had reservations for dinner right at sunset. Just a spectacular setting and the food is really very good which came as a pleasant surprise. The excellent service is also worth mentioning.  By the way, one bonus is you don't need to pay for the Skyline gondolas up of the mountain if you have reservations in the restaurant. But shhhh. 

4. Pourhouse Restaurant and Bar

Jazz on Sunday

What a wonderful place with an old-fashioned soul! 

This restaurant has been recommended to us by the concierge (the fabulously helpful Adam) at the hotel when we told him about our desire to listen to some good jazz in town. So our last evening in Vancouver was outstanding with an awesome jazz band and a great meal! We ordered 1/2 Maple Hill Chicken for Two and it was huge. I would say this dish could be easily shared among 3-4 people! Our cocktails were particularly good made with organic spirits, Cosmo for me, martini for him.

5. Shuraku

Sake Bar & Bistro

Being a huge fan of sushi, we were so totally lucky to find this place with wonderful atmosphere, excellent inexpensive menu, beautiful presentation of food and just two blocks from our hotel. We ate there twice, once for lunch and once for dinner. We didn't reserve a table for  dinner and we were very lucky to be seated almost immediately, the place is that deservedly popular. It was full.

6. Teahouse in Stanley Park

Delightful lunch spot with great view

The place is pricey, but beautifully located right on the edge Stanley Park and overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This is where we had our little snack after 4 hours of walking around. The place is super popular and busy. Again, we didn't have reservation so we got really lucky to be seated anyway to have this unbelievably fresh fish and chips. 

Let's be honest, there are few cities on the North American continent that can really give San Francisco a run for its money when it comes to restaurant quality and variety, but Vancouver may well be counted among them!