Sea to Sky Route, Vancouver, Canada

On a rainy morning we took the legendary Sea to Sky route from Vancouver to Whistler. It was a drive with incredible sights at just about every turn. After our stop at Shannon Falls our road became even more breathtaking and exciting! I only can imagine how gorgeous it might be on a sunny day when fog and clouds don't cover the snowy tops of the mountains. This drive was an excellent tease for us as we now really want to go back to Canada and see more nature and a country side that looks so virginal and wild. 

Keeping with our tradition to eat in one McDonald's in each new country we visit,  we chose this day to indulge. I still think that the worst McDonald's are in USA. In Canada even the fries are hot!

It was really exciting to reach Whistler the world famous ski resort where they held the 2010 Winter Olympics. even if you're not a skier, the scenery is spectacular!  The entrance to the Whistler Nordic Olympic park cost us $10. We felt like total outsiders amongst all the ski people. But at least I could take few pictures.

The Sea to Sky Highway is definitely a must-drive route!