Big Wave Surfing in Maui, Hawaii

There is no sound more beautiful than the sound of ocean waves. I can sit for hours on the beach and listen to the waves roar while they breaking on the rocks... The island of Maui is so perfect in this regards. Wind constantly weaving in and around the green trees and over the open water as it literally sweeps all anxiety and fatigue far beyond the horizon... I love feeling with my toes the golden velvety sand. It's so simple to just live in the moment. A new dawn, a new sunset, dawn again...

I have so much respect for surfers! It is a pleasure to watch them conquer one wave after another... How brave it is to offer their lives to a hungry ocean in exchange for a free flight on the racing blue water. I am fascinated by their love of, and courage to face, the wind and stormy waves. 


Even through Maui is one of the most developed islands of Hawaii, this place still keeps some little corners of virgin nature and beauty hidden from the touristy eyes.