Chipiona Light or Punta del Perro Light

My love for lighthouses started in Spain during our trip to the beautiful old province of Cadiz. Chipiona Lighthouse is a very special lighthouse for me not just because it's the first one in my photo collection, but also because it keeps memories of our first trip together with my husband in the spring of 2007. Chipiona is a very small and charming town I still miss so much and the lighthouse adds even more romance to the place. I've never seen a lighthouse located so close to sea level before, almost on the beach. I suppose that explains why the Chipiona Light is so tall. Its focal height is 226 feet (69m). 

The Chipiona Light is also the only lighthouse I know situated not in a very lonely place but basically in the center of the town and surrounded by people day and night. It's definitely the happiest lighthouse I know so far.