Point Bonita Lighthouse


It was warm spring Saturday of March 27th, 2010. Robert and I decided it was a great day to see something new. Being tourists of our own home city, we were so pleased to find this beautiful lighthouse not too far from San Francisco at the end of a sharp rocky peninsula that extends into the Pacific Ocean. The road that leads to the Point Bonita Lighthouse is quite wonderful and very romantic! It’s just a must-do drive. Then, the half mile pathway to the lighthouse is waiting for you to bring you to some of the most beautiful views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the city.

I was lucky enough to see seals in the water below as well. And there's more. The adventure continues with a mini-suspension bridge high above the crashing surf along accompanied by screaming seagulls. 

It was very quiet there as if the lighthouse was resting. I guess no waves, no breeze, no birds can wake it up before night comes.