Chipiona and Its Surroundings in Beautiful Spain.

As my man says, for a guy it is always a little bit nerve wracking to plan a first date. By choosing the seaside town of Chipiona, Spain, Robert set the 'first date' standard up more than a few notches! Now we have a beautiful story and memories to share about our, indeed, first date. Him coming from California, me coming from Latvia, we had an amazing time traveling up and down the Spanish Atlantic coast, one of the most romantic and beautiful places on the planet. So it's easy to guess my love for Spain started in Chipiona, a small town near the old city of Cádiz. But not just my love for Spain was born here. 

During this trip to Chipiona I understood how much I want to learn photography, how much I want to travel the world, and how much I am in love with the man who became a man of my life very soon. It's also when I met an ocean for the first time. So yes, Spain is a very special place for me and my favorite destination!

It's difficult not to fall in love with Chipiona, a true place for romance with its unique Andalusian style, beautiful sidewalks along the ocean and an old center with nice restaurants, bars and small local shops. We went there in early May, when the weather isn't hot, but warm and windy, and that's why - almost no tourists! We stayed in Hotel Playa de Regla. This small beachfront hotel has all the charm of Andalusian-style architecture and rooms' design. The atmosphere is quiet and pieceful there. 

I also fell in love with Cadiz, Sevilla and actually all Atlantic coast. The country is just gorgeous. All these vineyards and endless fields... We had unforgettable week in this magnificent part of Spain and no words or pictures can truly describe it.

The only one thing that didn't work that trip was paella. We just couldn't find a restaurant that would serve paella at that time of season. But I guess it was a perfect reason to come back few months later.