The Point Reyes Lighthouse: The Breathtaking Edge of the Earth

I don’t even know where to start to tell you about this breathtaking place in Northern California. The day was quite perfect for this 2 hour drive, warm and sunny. We decided to go very early before any traffic or any tourists could appear in our way! At 7 a.m. we were already in the car drinking coffee (Robert), latte (me) and eating delicious bagels with lox schmear (salmon-cream cheese... yum). There are few roads to Point Reyes. I guess we took the most beautiful one as it went through small cute towns and forest. To go early was a smart decision on Robert’s part because the drive was really fast and not annoying at all. Actually the road was almost empty all the way through! I did some great shots on that road. 

When we entered the Point Reyes area it was an even more beautiful drive! Endless green fields, long and spectacular seashore, also a lot of pretty cows. There was a long trail to the end of a gorgeous spit of land which ended in a landmark called Chimney Rock. And it would be the most enjoyable trail ever, if only the wind wouldn’t blow our minds with its speed of 40-50 miles per hour (65-70 km/h). It was a damn strong wind! But the beauty of the place was so gorgeous, we almost didn’t care about the wind... Well, we didn’t care until we found out that there was one more trail to the Point Reyes lighthouse. And this trail was even longer and more windy, almost 70 mph. Just so you know hurricane force winds start at 73 mph. I have never heard wind singing in telephone wires like I heard it there. It really sang. It was creepy. And several times I felt that wind was going to take me away from the edge of the cliff. But the worst was still ahead.

When we reached the lighthouse place, it was closed. There was a staircase, a very long staircase to the lighthouse, and it was closed because any wind over 40 mph could blow you to your death. So I took my photo from far away. But as I usually say, the beauty of the lighthouse in many ways depends on the road to it. And the road was beautiful and yet another side of California that makes you wonder if anyone has ever seen every amazing spot this state has to offer! So I can say very honestly, that this lighthouse is the most beautiful so far! And I think the most mysterious! 

The end of the trip we finished with a great picnic on the local school field. Robert prepared great sandwiches, pickles and grapes. We didn’t get to see everything on Point Reyes, you can only endure so much hurricane force winds and we were out in them for at least an hour. So we’ll go back when the birds are once again flying forwards instead of backwards!