Rich and Famous Boca Grande and its Lighthouse


For such a lighthouse lover as myself, every lighthouse is an adventure. Prior any traveling, I am always checking out if there are some lighthouses close to our destination. So I knew about Boca Grande Lighthouse and how close it is to our place where we stayed on Little Gasparilla. As you might have guessed, I couldn't ignore an opportunity to look at it when we went to the mainland for a second round of groceries. It's much easier to get to Gasparilla Island (where the lighthouse is located) than to our Little Gasparilla as Gasparilla Island was connected to the mainland with a bridge. The weather wasn't thinking about cooling down so our plan was simple: to see lighthouse and come back to our isolated cottage on Little Gasparilla as quickly as possible. 

Honestly speaking, I don't have a lot to say about Gasparilla Island and its famous Boca Grande because I didn't enjoy it there. It was too hot and being so spoiled with the silence and peace I found Gasparilla Island rather too busy for me. There is nothing to see or enjoy besides the impressive, outrageously expensive villas, yachts, condos, souvenir shops and people crowding the beaches. It's far from being a Montecito or La Jolla, it's more of a luxury version of tourist hell. We were really lucky to avoid booking a cottage (a pricey one) on this island. Thank, God! We were literally saved from a week in hell.
On the other hand, The Boca Grande Lighthouse is a charming oasis. The lighthouse is a unique one as it looks more like a beach house with a beautiful white porch around it. The lighthouse must keep a lot of beautiful romantic secrets as the scenery around it is spectacular: wide white-sand beach, dunes, blue water and sky... all of it creates a perfect ground for a lovers' adventure. There were few people on the beach and I hope it stays that way all year long, truly. It would upset me to know this little corner of an old historical port is under attack of sausage-shaped tourists.