Bird's Eye View of Kauai

Everything on Kauai reminds me to follow my heart and 'live out loud' as dreams really do come true. It's such a beautiful island where the euphoria of wanting to create something amazing crushes on me like, well, like a bountiful rain of coconuts. I can't help myself but to be just speechless, sucking in the pure beauty around me and turning it into inspiration. My sister (just like me few years ago) never expected to wake up on an island in the middle of Pacific Ocean. But on Kauai she experienced the heaven nature had seen in her dreams and transformed to reality. And I don't have any objection to coming back to this shared dream.

Through I have never had the slightest fear of heights, each time I go up to the top of the mountain or fly by helicopter, I have a feeling equal to the feeling of a little kid closing his eyes very tight because he doesn't want to see but at the same time being so excited to jump into the unknown and leave fear behind once and for all. I remember when I was a little girl everything was so much bigger than me. With getting older I started to miss that feeling. The only way I found to return to that moment of being smaller than the world was by getting to travel and, whenever possible, going up, up to the top of the mountains. I think our trip to the Kalalau Lookout point and our ride by helicopter were the most exciting moments of this trip. The views were the definition of 'breathtaking!' Truly, I wish I could fly...

We also saw quite a lot of Kauai from above doing Zip Lining with Princeville Ranch Adventures! What a truly awesome thing to do. I was super scared at first. I actually wasn't sure I even wanted to do it. I was screaming like Tarzan every time my feet left the ground. Anyway, a

ll nine jumps were incredible and memorable. And our guides were the funniest ones! I believe our highest jump was 1200 feet long! 

Life can mean only one thing and that is constant adventure - always moving from the known into the unknown.
— Osho