Coit Tower's Views of San Francisco

Last Sunday I went to the foot of Coit Tower to shoot another magical morning in San Francisco. More days than not, this city takes my breath away and I am so thankful to find this beautiful place on Earth in this crazy and busy world, and make it my second home. Honestly, it's hard to imagine my life without its flat roofs, up-and-down roads, beautiful old Spanish churches, magnificent bridges, art and lovely fusion breakfasts (or lunches or dinners!) with my man in one of the local little cafes enjoying the taste of the world through its amazing food. I am so blessed to also add to this list my photography adventures at sunrise.



Aside from a couple of lost tourists and early local runners, the morning was quiet. I was jealous (but only a little bit) to share this beginning of Sunday with other people.  I wanted to feel I am the only one there, standing on the top of the hill, above the city, so close to the sun... Anyway, I very much love the view of San Francisco from the foot of Coit Tower with its downtown skyscrapers and many (many many) flat roofs of San Franciscan homes with the Golden Gate Bridge behind. A beautiful Saints Peter and Paul Church located, somewhat ironically, at 666 Filbert Street popped up quite nicely above the flat roofs. It was an especially gorgeous moment when the sunrise lit the towers of the church. Oh, and there still was a moon in the sky! 

But what really made me hold my breath that morning is the moment when the sunlight and its shadows met each other all over the buildings in their battle for their place under the sun. Looking at their fight I could not think about anything but perfection and black-and-white. It was, indeed, a chiaroscuro morning! I actually disagree with the very concept of perfection. Nothing is just white or black... well, unless it's it a black hole or an empty piece of paper. To me, perfection seems a kind of madness. At the end of the day, what is even remotely desirable about perfection? I'd rather go and make another mistake, another disapproved step toward the edge of a cliff. I'm not afraid of my shadows. They make my lights shine.