New York: Day Two

Our second beautiful day in New York started with a little, but nevertheless annoying realization: we are going to have a very expensive hunger during our stay here. Good food in New York is very expensive. If you are expecting nice atmosphere, delicious cuisine and wine from the restaurants in Manhattan, you'd better be ready to spend some money. Our strategy was simple: share small meals for breakfasts and lunches, and then splurge on dinner in a nice restaurant.

That's why our early morning in New York we started with a simple split bagel with salmon. New York is famous for its bagels. There is something magical in the water in New York that gets them especially yummy. It was so good, I got afraid I wouldn't be able to eat Californian bagels for quite a while. Bagels in New York is one of the must-tries for sure! 

By 7:30 am we were at the doors of the Empire State Building. There was one more couple waiting for 8 am - the time when we would be allowed to go on top of the world! What a feeling! Prior our trip to New York, Robert bought us online two New York CityPasses. It was a very smart decision by my man. We didn't do all the attractions provided in the pass, but still we saved some money and skipped some huge lines. I wanted to see New York from the roof of the Empire State Building twice: during the day and at night. Citypass allowed us to do that. We actually bought an additional express ticket for the night to avoid the longest line in New York!

There are no words to describe what I felt when finally I found myself on the top of the world. New York is so beautiful! All the skyscrapers suddenly looked  small and fragile. I literally felt some strong power energy filling my veins and my mind was in a sudden realization of the narrow mindedness of people these days. And narrower their minds get, more comfortable they feel. There is no open sky to fly in the modern world anymore. We all go on asking for more safety and for more freedom. But both cannot exist together. And we give up our freedom for security and its walls around our already little lives. I took a deep breath. The morning light was magical and the cityscape was an invitation to fly.  

It was very windy and cold out there so high on the roof but nothing could stop me to enjoy these magnificent views, not even my shorts. To go early was the best move as we avoided crowds. On our way down the line was already building up and I felt sorry for all these people.

After the Empire State building, we headed to Grand Central Terminal. This gorgeous historical train station is as beautiful as in the movies. Spectacular ceiling!

Somehow our second day in New York turned out to be the most busy one as I was eager to see as much as I could. So we also went for a walk through SoHo, Greenwich Village, Little Italy and Chinatown. The weather was perfectly sunny and warm. Little Italy has a nice street full of shops. Lots of great restaurants around to chill. We stopped for lunch at the Chinese restaurant, 456 Shanghai Cuisine. Really good food there, pleasant atmosphere, and not too expensive.


We couldn't ignore the 911 Memorial. They built two very beautiful waterfall pools within the building footprints where the Twin Towers once stood. I saw there a few people (relatives or friends) who were really trying to have a moment of peace. Although, I don't know how you possibly could have a quiet moment where tourists are taking smiley selfies.  I would forbid the taking of such pictures at this place out of respect to those who actually lost someone in that terrible tragedy. Me personally, I didn't feel anything except the desire to protect the dignity of the space. Although, the way the water was running into a dark deep hall did pluck at the strings of my soul. Sad place.

Here is a little note from me to you: Staten Island Ferry is the best deal in New York. It's absolutely free! We took this ferry to Staten Island and came back on the next trip. The views of New York's skyline were outstanding. The boat passed right by the Statue of Liberty so I could get couple of great pictures of it as well. With all my love for water and wind in my hair, the ride was simply amazing!

We ended our day with the city lights on the roof of the Empire State Building (thanks to our express tickets we didn't wait even a second in the longest line of New York!) Later, we had a dinner at Rue 57 where we ordered Rue 57 Sushi Platter. Honestly, we were not impressed by this overpriced platter. Although, what we saw on the tables of others looked better.

Walking back to our hotel, we discussed the definite need to take it a little easier the next day. There is an expression, 'Man plans, God Laughs.' I'm pretty sure he was at least chuckling at our foolishness!