New York: Day Three

Another morning came and found us walking early along the east side of Central Park towards Madison Avenue. It felt like such a luxury to be walking along the quiet streets before the crowds. My morning's destination was a french bakery, home of the most famous and colorful macaroons, Ladurée. A little piece of Paris in New York! What can I say... Possibly the best macaroons I have ever and will ever have! And I've had plenty of macaroons before but these are truly special and delicious! My little mission was accomplished successfully! I bought three of my most favorite flavors: pistachio, coconut and lemon. To enjoy every little bite of my french happiness we went to Central Park. I needed a quiet little corner. Kerbs Boathouse looked like a perfect spot thanks to its beautiful location next to a small pond. This boathouse features a cafe with a variety of light snacks and beverages. They also were serving a simple hot breakfast we enjoyed very much. After all, you can't go wrong with eggs, toast, bacon and potatoes.

In my opinion, the main reason why New York City is named as one of the greatest cities in the world is the art. I can't think of New York without thinking of art or Broadway shows! Can you? Both are such huge parts of this city's lifestyle and energy. Ignoring this side of the city is a crime and disrespectful.

There is definitely plenty of art to see. It also worth mentioning, I am married to the best art guru. Robert knows so much about culture, art and artists. The Metropolitan Museum is one of his favorite museums and he couldn't wait to show me its Egyptian room and introduce me to some great art galleries. And, oh my, what a fascinating place for culture and beauty! So much to see! So much to learn! I was immediately lost in this space with no boundaries! I got so inspired! Half of the day disappeared with the speed of light as if we were in a different galaxy. We spent there almost 6 hours with a quick lunch break right outside of the museum. There were some 20-25 food trucks. Everything smelled fantastic but we went with pretty good hotdogs! Street food in New York is everywhere and part of its character!

After visiting The Metropolitan Museum, we decided to go back to the hotel for a short nap (through the Central Park, of course.) And, as it usually happens to us, completely accidentally we found ourselves next to the spectacular and iconic Bethesda Fountain. This charming spot was full of love and street music! I bet it's the best spot for a date. So romantic! We couldn't resist its relaxing atmosphere and stopped to enjoy the people and a couple of talented performers.

I will never forget this, the most special evening when I learned what a real Broadway show means and is. I've seen great musicals in San Francisco before, but now I know there is nothing like a great Broadway show in New York! I can't choose the words to describe this amazing experience. I think it's another crime to go to New York without any tickets to a Broadway show! Thanks god and my husband we did have the tickets. We had the tickets to the one of the hottest shows in New York, Cabaret, starring the sexy Alan Cumming and Michelle Williams! Oh my God! It was hot! Very hot! What made the whole deal even more spicy is that location for the show wasn't just a simple theater! The show was in a true club’s setting with that glitzy design of the house, the cabaret seating and drinks service. Yeah... we had the best seats, on the couches, drinking our cocktails and enjoying the best show in town! This was the truest part of New York for me! After the show I was dancing on the street. I was dancing and I couldn't stop dancing and singing the Cabaret songs!

Oh, and by the way, before the show we had a great Italian dinner in Bistro Milano located in Midtown Manhattan. It was so unbelievably tasty, we decided to go back there before our departure. Honestly, the most delicious pasta I have ever tried in my life. The whole staff was true real Italians and the majority of the guests were also Italians so it says a lot about the food, so no additional comments needed from me! It's simply a must try restaurant, especially if you love Italian cuisine as much as I do!

What a night!