A Warm September Day in Riga

I love my city Riga. I was born here. I was raised here. And now I am falling in love with Riga even more and each time I miss it even more. I love everything about Riga: its architecture, its unique atmosphere, all the memories I've shared with my family and friends and later my husband who came to Riga to meet me somewhat 8 years ago... So much happened in this city for me.

Riga changes. And although it's a little bit painful to see all the changes, I think this city changes for the best. Lots of restoration of old buildings, new restaurants opened, interesting shops with local goodies and clothing. And even though the city more and more goes away from me, I love it. I love it even more than ever. And I will accept the changes and I will enjoy anew Riga each time I visit. I will let Riga to keep surprising me because, believe me, Riga knows how to surprise anyone. 

We had quite a lovely afternoon in the city walking the narrow streets and opening new charming corners. (Comment from Robert: Actually it was more like wandering around lost in Old Riga for the better part of two hours. Two locals as 'guides' and they had to resort to their GPS.) For lunch, we chose a restaurant with a roof terrace at the Gutenberg Hotel. So we enjoyed not just a beautiful day and delicious food, but also stunning view of Old Riga. My friends recommended many other places to see and taste in Riga. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to investigate all the new yummy spots. Next time...

Oh, and by the way, Latvia is famous for its chocolate. Robert says Latvian chocolate is by far better that the best American chocolate. He always asks my parents to send us more chocolate from Riga. I was very excited to see new local brands and one of them is definitely must-try. NelleUlla is simply a magical treat. Their truffles are handmade in Latvia. Very unique and very delicious. Their shop located on Audeju street 1.

NelleUlla's truffles on Audeju street 1.

NelleUlla's truffles on Audeju street 1.