Sunset in Marina of San Francisco

Couple of weekends ago we went to see the sunset in the Marina before heading to 620-Jones for a dinner and drinks. The Marina is famous for its very expensive houses, beautiful yachts and stunning views of the bay. So yeah, sunsets are usually spectacular over there with a little hint of luxury.

I love taking a walk there and watching people passing by or sitting on the beach. I love watching these doll like houses. Most of them have big windows overlooking the yachts and the ocean. The windows are really huge, and more often than not don't have any curtains, so I love peeking at those windows to see what kind of art they have on the walls. Frequently the homes are decorated with huge lamps, beautiful furniture, and everything is so perfect, you almost want to puke after 20-30 minutes. You know that feeling when you eat a too sweet cupcake? It looks so pretty and then it's so sweet... Yah. So I think Marina is that sweet cupcake - pleasure to look at, but not to eat yourself.

I hope everyone has already that magical holiday mood. The year is almost over. New adventures are ahead.