Enjoying the Beaches on the Island of Roatan, Honduras


Roatan island is the kind of place you fall in love with and never want to leave. Beautiful blue water. Green jungles. Gorgeous reefs with marine life as never seen before. Robert and I left our hearts on Roatan on the quiet white sand beaches under the palms.

On Roatan, we definitely found a new home! Parie house is a house with a little private beach at Gibson Bight. We even had a private sundeck over the water. Simply put, the kind of place you fall in love with and never want to leave. Some of you already know my love for the wooden houses, big windows, french doors, high ceilings and large decks with the breathtaking views. Parie House has it all and even more. But honestly, it's all about the deck effect. When I see a really great deck and I feel that there just isn't any place I'd rather be, it's when I know my heart belongs to this or that house. I fell in love with the Parie House immediately because of its deck and views (and, of course, its hammock). What could possibly be better than lying in the hammock with the view, enjoying a soft breeze and singing parrots, dreaming and reading? Just being there was all we needed. Although, we sort of got lucky, as the house was also located close to some of the most beautiful wild, undeveloped beaches I have ever seen.

Roatan Havana Beach

Roatan Havana Beach

Marbella Beach

Marbella Beach

Palmetto Bay

Palmetto Bay

Camp Bay Beach

Camp Bay Beach


Quick Tips

Where to stay: Parie House

What to do: explore the beaches, snorkel, swim with the dolphins, visit Mayan Eden

Where to eat: Dix, Palmetto Bay Restaurant & Bar

Parie House was so cozy and welcoming we even weren't upset with first two rainy days and the attack of sea weed. Rain is beautiful in the tropics. The sea weed was a little bit of a surprise. Locals were telling us they didn't see so much sea weed for the last 20 years. Wow! Lucky us! Every day you could see locals cleaning the beaches and taking the weed away. But this little surprise didn't damage our vacation a bit. We still were swimming and snorkeling in a perfectly blue water. By the middle of our stay at Roatan, the sea weed disappeared completely. 

During my stay on the island, I read two books: You are not a Gadget by Jaron Lanier and Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville. Both were written in different centuries and you would think on different topics but there is an amazing parallel between both books that makes me think we now live in a new tyranny of Global Technocracy. We think we get more freedom with the Internet and technology development, but in reality it's really vice versa.  We are fooling ourselves.

Next to Parie House we also had a very cute bakery/cafe and a little shop for handmade Roatan chocolate where you can buy fresh chocolate any day except Sunday. It's really very good chocolate, especially with the coffee and chilie flavors.

I must say, I was completely charmed by the beautiful tropical beaches, crystal blue waters and pristine coral reefs of Roatan. Outside of the tourist zones, each beach is completely different and unique but equally stunning, wild and quiet. Every time we were heading to a new beach, we had a new adventure and discovery mostly because of the tough roads that lead to every beach on Roatan (this is why you should rent a jeep, not a little car as we did). It's not an easy drive but worth every bump, trust me.

Now, let me share with you my favorite beaches:

ROATAN HAVANA BEACH stole my heart. It was so stunningly beautiful, such a slice of paradise. This white-sand beach surrounded by gorgeous palm trees and impossibly-turquoise water was quite a miracle to us, as all other beaches were still full of enormous amounts of sea weed. When we saw its blue water, we couldn't believe our eyes and luck. I have to say this Havana beach was everything I have ever wanted and was perfect for an afternoon snooze in the shade. The life can be so simple.

Anyway, not only is Havana beach incredibly stunning and relatively crowd-free, it's also located close to couple of awesome reef spots. Oh god, Robert and I love snorkeling so much! We snorkeled there twice. I even saw my first huge shark! Brrr!

There is a little local bar on the beach with delicious pina coladas and some simple snacks.

We loved MARBELLA BEACH. My heart jumped when I saw this heaven on Earth. I could hardly speak. What a beautiful corner of the island if not the most beautiful one. The good news is if you have ten million dollars, this paradise can be yours. The beach is for sale. Ah, I hope nobody will buy it for building another resort or condo community. Let it stay alone, hidden and mine forever.

We also spent a day at PALMETTO BAY, a very quiet, secluded resort with luxury villas. As we were traveling during the slow season, we've got lucky to see this place absolutely empty and that was a reason why we were allowed to stay on the beach to enjoy its peace and quiet, to get in love with it. This hidden spot has a huge bonus - a very awesome open restaurant offering a variety of cuisines. We ordered a Mediterranean plate with various little appetizers for lunch and we fell in love with each flavor we tried. As always, I didn't ignore the opportunity to keep trying pina coladas.

Also, we found CAMP BAY BEACH, the longest natural beach on Roatan. We only spent there few minutes, the wind was too strong, but if we are going to return to Roatan, I think it's where we should stay at least for a couple of days to enjoy a truly isolated gorgeous nature. There are no resorts, just a very little B&B and a few other small houses.

What else to do on Roatan besides hammocking and snorkeling? Swimming with the dolphins!

I think everyone at some point came to this moment in life when it was officially time to feel adult. We are expected to be responsible, reasonable and serious. We get older, maybe even wiser. But after my swim with the dolphins I understood one simple truth: no matter how old we are, we are forever wondering, forever young. It's really important not to loose this ability to wonder, be silly and simply enjoying drops of the water on your face.

To swim with the dolphins was my very old dream. So old, I had already become used to the thought it would never happen. But here I am, on Roatan, swimming with the dolphins not just in the pool but more or less in the natural environment. Could I ever dream of that?

There is only one place where you literally can meet dolphins on Roatan. And it's the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences (RIMS), which is a part of a very popular diving resort, Anthony's Key. What a beautiful spot. Dolphins were kissing and hugging us, playing with us. It was simply amazing and spiritual experience. I got so much joy, so much positive energy. I felt like a new person. Happiness is such a simple thing. Why do I always try to make it complicated in my daily life? And you know, the role of love has been misunderstood for a long time. I am tired to watch how people do things to be good trying to make a world a better place or so they think. But here, love is just an energy which is always within us from the beginning. Some of us spend this energy on working hard, stressing, and making money and some just be, just live... exactly like these dolphins who give their energy, their love just because they full of it and it's what they do. Swimming with the dolphins is the must-do!

Another place on Roatan where I felt myself like a child is Mayan Eden. Although, they have a very small selection of animals, birds and butterflies, this was a great way to got up close and personal with some cute and funny monkeys.

We felt pretty safe driving around the island, well... if you don't mind ignoring crazy drivers who don't know how to drive. The only one town we would not recommend to visit, especially during night time, is Coxen Hole. We were driving once through the main street there and we saw many, many people with guns. Lots of locals with guns. Just locals. We didn't notice any touristy cafes at all. I was even afraid to take pictures out of the car.

There is one main road around the island, so it's difficult to get lost. For some bizarre reason, my husband thought the island is flat... The island is pretty hilly so we were able to see some really nice views.

Even through the month of February is not a high season for Roatan due to changing weather, we had the most wonderful time! We went through rain, strong wind, beautiful calm evenings. Every kind of weather was simply another gorgeous moment in our lives on Roatan.