Point Arena Lighthouse


During our weekend at Sea Ranch, we also visited Point Arena Lighthouse. For those who forgot or didn't know, I am a huge fan of lighthouses, or better to say of the roads leading to lighthouses. Point Arena Lighthouse gave me everything I like so much when traveling to a country's edge, beautiful scenery, wind in my hair, gorgeous morning light and silence. Silence is getting so valuable and too damn expensive these days, don't you think?

Anyway, here is another lighthouse in my collection, another lonely, another very human, place.

This definition of the “good life” has been the domestic narrative for some 200 years. We’ve become a full consumer society, but if you look closely at your own experience and the larger world, you can see how this belief in growth, expansion, mobility and technology has reached its limits. Relationally, despite the fact that we can text and use Instagram 24/7, we’re more isolated. Economically, we’ve lost our sense of security and a knowable future.
— Peter Block

But, frankly speaking, we have the power to change it. Just open your eyes. I know a few people who are trying to renew their spirits, one of them is my husband, and now, I think, it's me. And there are plenty of people like us. I truly believe that by replacing big with small, fast with slow, many with few, we can reach the life we all dream about in spite of being misguided with advertising, social (flock) opinions, standards and rules. Believe it or not, but there’s an alternative economy emerging with micro-financing, small local businesses, family and friendly cafes with character and simple living within walking distance where you know and love your neighbors. I know for some of you it might sound a little old-school and not realistic, and you would prefer to keep chasing enormous amounts of money, essentially gambling your life that there is a pot of gold with your name on it... But really, think about it, is it really how you want your life to be?  Or is it better to find that balance between work and life, simply saying NO to all the crap this world produces just to keep you in the chase of having the latest shiny toy?