Hike From Muir Beach to Pirate's Cove

Last Saturday Robert and I went for another hike. The weekend before was a bit of a let down since we didn't reach Tennessee Valley, we simply couldn't let it go and decided to take another shot. This time we started our hike not from the Rodeo Beach, but from another end, Muir Beach. In short, oops, we did it again. Plan successfully failed. The path to Tennessee Valley from Muir Beach is even longer and more vicious in regards to hills. So we took a shorter path (but nonetheless scenic) to Pirate's Cove. Who doesn't like little hidden pocket beaches? It looked doable. It really did. But what looked to be an innocent curvy little path with breathtaking views of the coast was soon taken over by a very impressive incline. Well, first, of course, it was an easy happy-Nadya walk down to the cove. And even through, with every step, like little knife cuts into the heart, I knew how hellish would be the way up on our way back, we kept going. We needed to finish this path so badly, damn it. I think if it wasn't for my stubborn streak, we would have turned around a little sooner.

I am actually very proud of my little sis, Tanya. She is a true iron lady and really showed her stuff that day. She finally moved to San Francisco few months ago and has already found a job (her first in the United States)! I really hope it's the beginning of a very good new story for her. She so deserves it. San Francisco, well, and Northern California in general, is such a beautiful area, it's really hard to feel badly here. Too beautiful for that. Although, silly me, I do forget sometimes how lucky I am to be living in one of  the most beautiful corners of the world. It's good we keep wondering and being curious about our own place. Weekends like this help to keep the crap out of our minds and souls.