Early Morning of September in Kemeri National Park

Who knew that basically behind our house in Jurmala, just 20 minutes away by car, there is quite extraordinary and very wild nature with swamps. Kemeri National Park is, indeed, very impressive piece of art by nature and great spot for some amazing photography or a quiet walk in the morning. When I saw the picture of these swamps taken by Latvian photographer Jekabs Andrishaitis, I was simply so stunned, I couldn't move. How come I have never been there myself before! It was so close to my home. So I decided I must see this place no matter what during my next trip to sweet home Jurmala. And I did. I was praying for the clear morning with sunrise, but, oh well, the weather Gods love me, so I got a very foggy morning with mist. Nevertheless, it was so worth it to be there at 6 am absolutely alone. So quiet. So peaceful. So beautiful. I heard October is a great month for watching the birds there. Don't miss that chance if you are nearby. I especially loved all the spider webs all over the place.  I didn't see a single spider though. I guess they were hiding from the chilly weather. Latvia really surprised me this trip. It really did. What a beautiful country!