Birini Palace - Cesis Castle - Saulkrasti - Mangalsala

Here is another long day of traveling around Latvia. 13 hours on the road! But so worth it. That day we visited two castles: Birini Palace and Cesis Castle. Both places are gorgeous and surrounded by stunning nature. My man was especially pleased with Cesis Castle. With all his love of everything old and destroyed, he was having the best time holding an old candle lamp while exploring the corners of old castle ruins. Me, on the other hand, was surprised by the beauty of the old town of Cesis where we had a very nice walk and a little dinner. Robert even met few guys from Texas, the first Americans he has ever met in Latvia. I guess they were stunned that Robert was sure they were not simple American tourists (wink, wink.) Traveling around Latvia made me think about why there are so few places where you can eat real Latvian cuisine. What's up with that? Most of the restaurants in little towns of Latvia still offer only Soviet food. Why? Why not finally cook your own damn food? This was a little bit embarrassing .Why should I have to research on Google for special restaurants with Latvia cuisine. Traditional food should be everywhere in Latvia. Everywhere. So I guess this is the one thing that needs to be fixed. Everything else is pretty awesome and beautiful in my country.

On our way back we stopped in Saulkrasti to see a beautiful wild beach and we had a very long walk in Mangasala so I could take a picture of some lighthouses (3 lighthouses) for my collection. It was my first time in Mangasala and again I was wondering why. Awesome place for a walk or sunset watch.

Almost forgot to mention, we started our morning with breakfast at bakery "Pērse-L.L.K". They have my favorite piroshki with cabbage and many other delicious sweet and non-sweet pastries.

Piroshki at Pērse-L.L.K.

Piroshki at Pērse-L.L.K.

Birini Palace

Cesis Castle