Parents Visiting During 2016 El Nino Season in San Francisco

In Northern California I hear it all the time: "we really need the rain." At this point that phrase has become a cliche for me, but the statement remains quite accurate. Northern California really needed some rain. So naturally a major El Niño storm hammered the San Francisco Bay Area as soon as my parents arrived to visit my sister Tanya and me in the most beautiful city of the United States. Ta-dam! The storm brought a torrential downpour of rain. Nevertheless we had so much fun! First of all, it was the first time the four of us were together in four years, plus we had my sister's and my own big families. The rain wasn't pouring all the time, but the sun wasn't our friend this trip. 

So, what did we do besides walking across the rainy city over the hills for three days in a row? (By the way I was surprised how small San Francisco actually is. You still can't walk it all in one day, but three days is more than enough!). We did drink coffee a lot. Tanya and I are big fans of Philz Coffee, and now so are our parents! We visited Filoli Gardens to enjoy all the beautiful blooming of tulips and cherry trees. We went to Asian Art Museum to avoid the worst part of the storm. What else? Lots of shopping, of course. Dinner at La Costanera in Montara (good Peruvian cuisine with amazing ocean views). We had so much fun in Napa tasting some really great wine. We went to Chandon winery, then to Beringer winery, and then to Artesa where we enjoyed the wine as well as beautiful views of the valley. Another day we also went for wine tasting, but to the Santa Cruz Mountains. There we started with Loma Prieta Winery, continued with MJA and finished at TestaRossa. Also, we did San Francisco Love Tours which happens on the 1960's era Volkswagen bus from the hippie times. This is a great way not just to see some beautiful parts of the city but also to learn some interesting information about San Francisco and its people. Cocktails with a city view at Starlight Room were amazing! What else? My parents were lucky enough to join us for two great concerts. We went to see Prince. It was a very unique and special concert as Prince was by himself on a piano. It was quite an evening and we were all blown away. The last evening of their trip my parents spent at a Bruce Springteen show what was simply fantastic and the first true rock concert for my parents. I think it was a nice ending of this trip and a great start for planning another trip to San Francisco.

Most importantly, we had many nice dinners with wine at home talking and laughing. I already miss my folks so much.

I won't show you all the photos from all the parties we had, but I think I will leave here a few photos... just because.