Chapter 2: Sunny Sydney and A Rainy Coastal Walk from Watson Bay to Bondi Beach


It was dawn when the bus finally dropped us at the ferry building right under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Every day presents us with all kinds of decisions to make about the ways to do things right. There are plenty of websites, books, and friends to instruct us on the correct choices we should make. Don't all of us tired of listening to somebody else? Robert and I trusted our first morning together in Sydney to our own hearts. This is how we got ourselves on a ferry ride around Sydney. Twice. One of the rides ended up completely free. The most exciting part of our morning cheat was not knowing where either ferries would take us. For one morning we simply became two cute Aussies enjoying a beautiful sunrise with locals on their way to work. Lucky happy Aussies on the boat with the dreamy morning light over the city, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Everything surrounding us looked like a dream, like many pictures that suddenly got alive waltzing me round. The breeze in my hair and the warm kiss of my man were the only two touches of real life happening right here on the other end of the world in beautiful Sydney where April is the beginning of fall and the days are getting winter short. In a flash, sea became sky, and sky became sea. And I was flying on the sea of my own sparkling happiness as if I was a glass of champagne in the hands of angel. My Australian dream slowly started to grow roots from the imaginary into my heart as if my heart was a big unspoiled land with only one living inhabitant, my love Robert, obviously. Suddenly Australia and Robert started to feel like one complete universe that was created just for me. After the rides it was difficult to concentrate on the streets of Sydney, on our walk in the botanical garden behind the Opera House. I was carried away. I was in a coma of beauty and, oh, that great weather. And it was only a 3rd day of our long journey.



The reason why we went to Sydney on our third day was the boring tropical rain on our second day. I love rain a little. Tropical rain I love more for its warmth and rainbows. But, you know, when you come from a very rainy San Francisco this year, the last thing you want is more rain even if it's handsome tropical rain at the edge of the Earth. But here it was, rain, a lot of rain on our second day. So, we took a bus, umbrella and went to Watson Bay. There our plan was simple: to try and enjoy a south heading walking track which passes Horny Lighthouse (my first lighthouse in Australia) and then go back from Watson Bay to Bondi Beach. That walk was long. Very long and very wet. But the views of the harbor and the city were so magnificent and beautiful, it completely was worth it every step up and down. That walk allowed us to see a great part of the Eastern Suburbs and see some stunning houses where some lucky Aussies live. Dover Heights was the most impressive neighborhood. I have never seen houses standing so close to the edge of a cliff. It was frantic. I was wondering what people feel every morning waking up to the clear dramatic view over Pacific being so close. Does it feel like the house is floating in the air? At least a little bit? Unreal. The crashing water below was so blue. It almost looked like the clear sky leaked into the sea leaving us with that grey stormy side of it above our heads. Rain was heavy in some spots so it was difficult to take any kind of pictures, but no rain will stop me at least trying to catch few moments of our miserably stunning jet lagged walk.