Chapter 3: Sunrise at Bronte Beach & Bronte to Coogee Coastal Walk


It still was pitch dark outside when we took a taxi to Bronte Beach on our 4th day in Australia. Obviously, normal people would keep sleeping at that early hour knowing they have long-long drives ahead across the country. Being not so normal at all, even a little bit, I took my husband and my camera, packed my lenses and headed to Bronte Beach to shoot sunrise. It may sound like a cliche, but I really enjoy watching a sunrise. Only nature could design something so wonderful to remind humans about their luck and to enjoy the moment right here, right now. I was very surprised myself to wake up very early again the next day after our sunrise adventure in Sydney. But I believed we would be the only ones on the beach to enjoy the loveliness of the salty sunrise. Can you imagine my face when I saw basically the whole neighborhood of Bronte on the beach and in the water? The view I faced hit me like a ton of bricks. It smashed me. First I though I was late and my watch was 3 hours behind the whole world. But the sun wasn't in the sky yet. I slowly moved to one side of the beach and looked at the unexpectedly crowded morning scene again. I couldn't believe the number of people that were out and about. Aussies of all ages were jogging, doing exercises on the beach and in the picnic area, riding bikes, surfing the waves and simply swimming. And, oh, by the way, it was a Wednesday morning. It was, indeed, crowded for a morning, but at the same time very peaceful. I must say I liked the fact that almost all of the Sydney's beaches have baths (sort of like swimming pools on the beach), where locals can swim even when the sea is brutally angry. Locals really take their ability to swim seriously and I respect it so much, but at dawn... come on!



When the sun finally spilled its morning light from the horizon upwards, the sky turned into a carnival of gold and pink hues. I was captivated by the colors as though they were bleeding from the skies right into my veins. It was truly magnificent. This sunrise didn't promise me eternal happiness and miracles, but showed hope to my eyes and gave a sweetness to my smile for a fleeting moment after which the only thing remaining is memories. But isn't it that happiness? Isn't that the miracle?

Suddenly I caught myself on the thought it was a great morning to start with a swim, actually.



Our walk back to Coogee was a stunning continuation of the Australian morning. We took a coastal path along the cliffs that took us through some amazing scenary of Waverley Cemetery, Clovelley Beach, Gordons Bay.

The rest of the day we spent on the Coogee Beach. Yes, swimming! We were living the Aussie beach lifestyle here at the edge of the world in a dream but so real.