Chapter 4: Meeting South Australia & Sunset at Largs Bay


And here we were in South Australia on our 5th day. We landed in Adelaide, capital of South Australia, a city with colonial elegance as many other resources describe it. No idea if it's true or not because guess what? We managed to book our motel in the middle of nowhere amongst the new buildings somewhere near Glenelg. Glenelg? Our stay in Glenelg Motel was my first stay in any kind of motel and it's how I understood what a snob I actually am. Shame on me. Although our room was large and clean, it wasn't up to my standards as I truly love places with charm and character. The industrial look of the area didn't help my mood even a bit. Robert and I really hoped it would be the only misfire during our journey.

I must say, love at first sight didn't happen with South Australia. Maybe because the temperature dropped from 30C to 20C. Maybe because of the weird 30 minute time difference with Sydney. Maybe because of the annoying driving on the other side of the road. Something was off until we finally settled into our motel and decided to take a drive to Cape Jervis with a stop in Victor Harbor.

And oh my, what a beautiful ride it was (well, if ignoring few moments of driving on a wrong site of the road). Only then, I slowly started to understand what unknown universe was actually waiting for us ahead. I think Robert simply got worried about how much driving he actually would need to do to get from Adelaide to Melbourne in 5 days. There was literally nothing between Victor Harbor and Cape Jervis. Nothing. Just beautiful nature and farms. Already a question had popped up in my head: "Where are all the people?". When I think that in California there are more people then in the whole country of Australia, I still don't see how the whole country could be so empty.



Cape Jervis is a beautiful point with a lighthouse, with a view to the moon. It is also the departure point to Kangaroo Island which we successfully ignored which may have been another mistake of ours. The locals really were recommending us to go there. Someday we'll be back to make that trip. Still and all, the only one reason why we flew to Adelaide in the first place was to drive the Great Ocean Road. Honestly, it was our only goal that was originated by me because Robert was ready to fly to Queensland right away. We were not interested in exploring South Australia. We didn't know what to expect from this state and we didn't care until we made the drive from Adelaide to Cape Jervis and back to Adelaide. Then we knew, we were here to see something unspoiled and I couldn't wait to start our long drive along the South Australian coast! With that exciting thought our day slowly merged into the evening.




In the evening we found ourselves in Largs Bay where we were treated to a spectacular show of sky with pretty shades of pink blending in with notes of orange, red and purple. It looked like the whole sky turned into one beautiful tropical flower. At that moment silence was the only language disturbed by the quiet singing of our hungry stomachs. And the decision was made to take a train to Port Adelaide for dinner and drinks. It was dark when finally a plate of delicious salad and a plate of roast pumpkin risotto were put in front of our hungry eyes at the Lighthouse Wharf Hotel. It became our practice for the whole trip to order one salad and one main meal for sharing. Australian plates are as large as in the Unites States so it made sense to always split our dinners.