Beachport to Mount Gambier, South Australia

We left Beachport at sunrise following the road through Canunda National Park, a stunning coastal park in South Australia full of dunes, limestone cliffs and pretty bushes. The area was truly spectacular and it only was the beginning to a long day ahead. Also, I must say, it was the coldest day of this trip. The weather was quite annoyingly changing from nasty rainy to nice and sunny all day long. But no rain could stop us from spotting some cute, adorable kangaroos. My first kangaroos in the wild! My happiness was endless as by then I have already decided kangaroos were a nice and funny Australian myth. Well, it is not. Yay!

As soon as we left Canunda National Park we entered Carpenter Rocks Conservation Park, another spectacular but different area of Limestone Coast in South Australia. We stopped by the Cape Banks Lighthouse and my eyes burned with all the natural, endless beauty. My brain just couldn't consume so much visual information. Robert, on the other hand, felt in love with the story of the bright orange Cape Banks lighthouse built after the wreck of the "Admella", the greatest loss of life in the history of European settlement in South Australia. We got curious if a movie was ever made of this tragic story... I found few books but no movies.

Anyway, our next stop was Douglas Point Conservation Park. Do I need to repeat myself that it was yet another stunning and different area of South Australia? This drive was scenic and sunny with views of the coastline and blue ocean. I start feeling myself redundant by repeating the words beautiful and stunning over and over again. But I have no other words.

It was almost dinner time when we arrived to Mount Gambier, a town on the border of South Australia and Victoria. It was quiet there, and empty. Shops were closed. And, honestly, the town looked like a ghost town with two beautiful blue lakes. Once again, I spotted a beautiful old building which appeared to be The Mac's Hotel with an available room for us. Another room without bathroom and shower though. Ok, I thought, second night like that, I can do it. The public bathroom and showers in the hall were not bad. The room was small, but nice with a huge window. Oh, and we loved the big balcony around our second floor where we drank some wine while enjoying the last rays of sun. The first floor of the hotel is an elegant old pub where we had our dinner: salad and pasta. The pub was full and I was wondering where all these people were before as the town earlier was so empty. The pub was loud but we slept well, we were so exhausted we heard nothing at all. So we slept not knowing what a killer day was awaiting for us tomorrow. This was the end on our first week in Australia. Three more weeks ahead.