Mount Gambier to Nirranda, Victoria, Australia

Our second week in Australia started with breathtaking drive from Mount Gambier to Nirranda. During that drive I was thinking a lot about my life, my destiny. It was difficult to think about anything else when driving through the universe of natural beauty with no boundaries. So I basically was forced by the universe to confront some personal questions. Frankly speaking, before my trip to Australia I was often experiencing that feeling of stuckness - that feeling when you feel stuck because your life becomes routine. To get rid of that feeling usually what I do is I try to change something in my life. Usually I would simply quite my job. By the way, it was exactly what I did again before my trip to Australia - I did quit my job. I felt so happy again. Happy and free. But I also understood that this kind of happiness never lasts. Never. At least it never lasts for me because I am always looking ahead towards my next goal. I am always trying to reach somewhere, to go somewhere. In Australia I saw even more clearly how everything is basically, 'We all die.' And I realized there is little I need to improve in my life, because my life is already pretty perfect. But a few weeks after I was back from my trip, I was back again to my usual condition of being ambitious, trying to improve my life all over again. And every day I fight myself by trying to enjoy the world that's available to me, living moment to moment without any goal or desire. After all, everything what's important is right here, right now. But enough with philosophy!

Cape Bridgewater

Surprised was the immediate reaction when we entered the area of Cape Bridgewater followed by fascinated, shocked, speechless and blown away. Cape Bridgewater Bay was a stunning 4-kms of wide sandy beach. It looked so pieceful in the early morning light. We wish we had time to stay there for a day or two. The road that lead to this little town was spectacular and went through green fields with giant wind mills in the background. Reminded me a little bit of Spain actually. But what we saw next completely blew us away.

Bridgewater Blowholes

Just few minutes away from Bridgewater Bay we arrived in an area from another world. Bridgewater Blowholes and Petrified Forest is certainly a unique spot to visit where the sea is so "angry," crashing its power into the cliffs while, if you literally just turn around, there is a completely different phenomenon - the 'Petrified Forrest,' a collection of hollow tubes of limestone called 'solution pipes' eroded by millions of years of rain. It was super windy at Bridgewater Blowholes. I don't think I have ever experienced such a strong wind before. And I certainly have never seen strong surf like there. I honestly don't have any words to describe my emotions while we were walking all around that area alone. Well, almost alone. Later a cute family of kangaroos joined us on our amazing walk. 

Petrified Forest

Cape Nelson Lighthouse

Then, after driving through another huge stretch of pure nature, we found ourselves at Cape Nelson Lighthouse with the long stone white wall and a very small but hell of a cute spot, Isabella's Cafe. And all of it in the middle of nowhere. It was windy there, too, very windy, but, my goodness, absolutely fantastic! 

Port Fairy

Then, again a million miles of pure beauty before we made another quick stop at the Port Fairy, a pretty, historic, coastal town in south-western Victoria where suddenly we felt like we were somewhere in Florida.

Then, again, endless beauty of nothingness before we reached another beach with spectacular views of wildness - Logans Beach where each year, between May and October, Southern Right Whales return to their nursery at Logan's Beach to give birth and raise their young ones. While enjoying the beautiful views of the beach, we realized the day was quickly fading and it was time to think about a place for a night.  I was very strong on avoiding another room with no bathroom/toilet.

This is how Robert booked us into the Butterfly Farm in Nirranda, a very charming bed and breakfast hotel surrounded by open farming landscapes. The house was beautiful and the owners were very nice and kind. They have only two rooms for the guests and we were the only guests that night. Our room was charming with a country-side style and a nice deck overlooking a field full of noisy parrots. But no bathroom and toilet in the room. Again! That was a surprise. Although we had our own huge bathroom with old fashion bath and shower and toilet right next to our room. Basically, we felt like we were staying with the family. Well, we were actually staying with the family and it was nice to experience at least for a little bit the life of local Aussies. 

Logans Beach Whale Nursery

Butterfly Farm (Bed & Breakfast) in Nirranda

While sitting on the deck enjoying the wine and loud parrots, we noticed the weather started to change its mood into something heavy and grey. We hadn't eat yet, so we quickly decided to drive ourselves to a nearby motel where they had a bar and a restaurant. Nothing else was around. This is how we ended up enjoying quite a spectacular sunset with a big rainbow over The Bay of Islands Coastal Park! Honestly, I don't know if I have ever seen a more beautiful sunset. And who knew that this gorgeous place was located so close to our Butterfly Farm? A complete surprise! But we could guessed it as our farm was located at the beginning of one end of the Great Ocean Road! If it started like this, I thought, what is waiting for us tomorrow? It was a little bit scary to think about as both Robert and I were extremely overwhelmed by everything we've seen so far and especially in just a single day. This sunset was just a bullet to my brain. Really! I couldn't believe my eyes! It was unreal! All of it just for us. The whole sunset show with the rainbow. Just for us! Nobody will ever share the same moment. It belongs only to us. Just the thought of it made me cry a little, again. What did I do to get so lucky to see all this beauty? 

I wish I knew.

Bay of Islands Coastal Park