Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

Great Ocean Road... I was thinking to what I could compare that drive we made on day #9 in Australia. And actually the whole drive we made in the last 5 days... And you know what... It was like living your 'unlived' life, your unreal dream, if you will, in one single day. I suddenly time/space-traveled to a parallel world, to the life of my other self. All the beauty that day I've seen so many times in the pictures, never even guessing that some day I would see it with my own eyes wide open and it would be something so much bigger and so much more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Most of the time I was finding myself simply flabbergasted. I felt like I lost all my words and all my thoughts, and in that empty space there I felt something truly unusual, something that was more than a sense of stillness and peace. Driving Great Ocean Road left a lasting impression on my mind. Even now, when I write about it, even though I’ve forgotten all the details and names of little corners and beaches we stopped by, I still remember that feeling.

We left Butterfly Farm before dawn and I already could feel and see the weather wasn't the way I wanted it to be. As I mentioned earlier, to drive Great Ocean Road was the only reason we flew to South Australia and then we drove along the ocean to Victoria. I really wanted to take photos of the sunrise over the cliffs and especially over the 12 Apostles. But, oh well, even in a dream life isn't perfect. I was so upset first. It was cold, rainy, nasty, windy. It was a true challenge to take photos that day. But, oh my, it was still just an unbelievable experience.

Our first stop was London Bridge. The sun wasn't in the sky yet, but the light was trying to get through thick clouds. It was very dramatic. As the plan was to catch sunrise at 12 Apostles (I was very optimistic), we headed towards the Loch Ard Gorge, another breathtaking spot of unique rock formations. The rain was following us.

London Bridge

Loch Ard Gorge

And then, there we were, at 12 Apostles. And I have no words. It was such a special moment I even don't want to share it. Let it stay with Robert and me. I will just say that photos on Internet, my own photos, don't even begin to show the essence of that place. I think my own soul left me to fly over the Apostles so I could feel like flying on the wings of angel.

12 Apostles

Then, we hiked The Gables Lookout, the highest sea cliffs on mainland of Australia. Our walk was through a Casuarina grove to a spectacular lookout over the ocean and the reefs around Moonlight Head. Then, our way to Cape Otway Lighthouse, we saw a few cute koalas resting on the trees. We ended up not visiting the lighthouse as it was not free, but we enjoyed the road to it very much. Just seeing the koalas was worth it. Then we made a quick stop at the beach in a very charming coastal town Angelsea. After that we were driving some pretty spectacular parts of the great ocean road where we also stopped at Cairn beach, a very unique beach with the hundreds of cairns that various visitors have built. We also stopped at Gabor Lighthouse.

Hiking to The Gables Lookout


Cairn Beach

Gabor Lighthouse

We then made it to a surfers' town, Torquay, where we planned to stay for a night, but we decided to get even closer to Melbourne as the next day we needed to catch a plane from Melbourne to Queensland. So this is how we ended up in Geelong. We already didn't have time to explore the town, but it looked kinda industrial with a pretty shoreline and good restaurants. We feel a little guilty for not having the time to see and explore Melbourne, but it's nice to leave something behind to look forward to the next time we are in Australia.