Two Days in Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia

On Australia day #10 we landed in Cairns. I can't believe I'm even writing this - I was starting my 10-day journey through Queensland

We started our trip in slowly. After so much of driving in South Australia and Victoria, we decided to finally stop. The tropical heat, palms and parrots were inviting us to stop and we couldn't resist. Port Douglas was a great choice for spending two nights of doing as little as possible. 

So why Port Douglas? But why not? It's a beautiful, charming, touristy town with great shopping, restaurants, and most importantly, the white-sand Four Mile beach backed by palms and stretching as far as you can see! Although... here is one terrible truth about beaches in Queensland - you can't swim there because of the crocodiles or poisoned stingers. Ta-dam! That was a very huge surprise to us! I was shocked. 

Four Mile beach (as well as some others) has a swimming enclosure guarded by life guards, but those enclosures are usually too small to enjoy, so we didn't swim. But yeah... crocodiles and stingers are the reason why Queensland has so many stunning, wild, empty beaches! 

Even though we are not fans of everything touristy, it was nice to be among people. And there were not a lot of people anyways. Just some. One of the perks of traveling a little bit out of season.  

The one thing we did while relaxing in Port Douglas is hiking in a jungle. How does that sound for relaxing? I must say they have quite impressive jungles there with all my "favorite" creatures: snakes, huge spiders and The Cassowary, a very unique, huge bird that can kill you if it decides you look suspicious. One of them was following us in the jungles. I, honestly, didn't see a thing because I was too scared. I took my camera and all my lenses with me to the jungles, but I was too scared even to look up when we left the main road and went into the wild following a very narrow path in a very crowded jungle. Some of the vines were viciously scratching my feet drawing blood. 

But, oh my, both of the sunsets we witnessed in Port Douglas were fantastic. The cloud formation on our second night was especially impressive. 

I finally started to understand how important it is to relax into yourself and finding the words to describe what it is you really love. Sooner or later there will be a day when everything around you falls apart and only the truth, the true You, will stay. There will be nothing to hide behind, no masks, no statuses, just you the way you truly are. That’s why I think travel is important. Only by getting far away from everyday life it's possible to see your own life with some clarity. During this trip to Australia, being on the other side of the world under the endless skies, experiencing an unusual nature, watching a colorful world of birds and fish, the warmth of the hand of your loving man in a cool evening in the middle of the universe, it’s in those moments I usually start seeing the beauty of true life, the way it should be every day but for some reason we tend to forget.