Cooktown to Mission Beach, Queensland, Australia

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.
— John Muir

It was very rainy in Northern Queensland at the shore so we left Cooktown early in the morning of our day #14 and headed back south. We had a stunning inland drive with some side roads through the hills passing some truly "wow" green landscapes. The untouched beauty of Queensland continued to surprise me at every corner we turned with each scenic views so different from the last. 

Maybe freedom really is nothing left to lose, I thought. All these wilderness made so clear to me how what I think matters, actually doesn’t. Honestly, when facing this pristine honesty of nature, it's when I really felt myself I have no limitations. It was so amazing to drive for thousands of miles with no purpose but witnessing a ton of trees, hills and ocean, rocks, rivers and sunsets. It felt so human. I believe there is love for wild nature in every human being. We all had it at least once in childhood, when climbing a tree or picking wild flowers, getting hurt from falling of the bike. Why do we lose that passion for a vigorous and curious life around us?

As it was starting to get dark we opted to the road leading to Mission Beach where we got so damn lucky to get a lovely bungalow for a night in Eco Village. What a beautiful, nice and quiet spot on another empty beach. No rain. No crocodiles. Just poisoned stingers. Sadly, we couldn't stay there longer as the rain was catching us the next morning. Again.