Airlie Beach to Agnes Water & Town of 1770, Queensland, Australia

No matter where you go, there you are.
— Confucius

Day #17 I remember as the longest drive during our Australian journey. Oh my, we were tired. We rode for more than 10 hours! It was another beautiful drive from Airlie Beach to Agnes Beach, but still what a long-long drive along the Capricorn coast that is a part of the Southern Great Barrier Reef and one of the quietest and most lovely parts of the East Coast. 

We started our day early and our first stop was Sarina Beach, the laid-back coastal village with a long beach and a store at the gas station. That's it. Stunning little corner of the world where, I am pretty sure, people go to when trying to run away from themselves to find the joys, beauty and love that had been missing in their lives.

I guess only by staying for a long time in a place like Sarina Beach or actually any other little town on the Queensland Coast can you fully realize you can't run from all the good things you carry in your heart. Today so many people addicted to external connections through technology believe that's the place where they can find joy. While everything what they do is just feeding their insecurity and creating a bigger gap from themselves, which is the true source of joy and happiness. 

During the longest part of our drive we made a quick stop at Lammermoor Beach near Yeppoon from where we could see a beautiful view of Rosslyn Bay. And we also stopped at Mulambin Beach, a 2-km long shallow but spectacular beach nestled between two headlands of the Capricorn Coast National Park. I must say the whole section of that drive was scenic and a must-drive.

We arrived to Agnes Water & Town of 1770 right before the last minutes of sunset. We were tired. We were overwhelmed. We were hungry. And, goodness, we were so damn happy to see people swimming in the water. First, I couldn't believe my eyes. But here we were, finally on the beach where we could swim without fear of crocodiles or poisonous jelly fish. Honestly, it was a miracle! And I'll tell you more about our stay in this wonderful town in my next post.