Coolum Beach: Our Last Day in Queensland, Australia

On day #20 in Australia I hardly could believe it was our last day in Queensland. Two thirds of the trip were behind us. It was very difficult to leave the town of Agnes Water. But we did and it was another long drive. Our last long drive along the Sunshine Coast. After all the wildness and serenity of the northern part of Queensland, Sunshine Coast looked to me like too much. Too many houses. Too many hotels. Too many people. Yep, we got so spoiled by the North. But please don't missunderstand me: the Sunshine Coast is stunningly beautiful like everything in Australia but it was just very touristy for us. I think the Gold Coast has the same vibe so we were glad we decided to skip the Gold Coast all together.

We stayed in a small motel at Coolum Beach, Coolum Beach Budget Accommodation (just $61 Australian dollars per night). So it was decided that we were going to splurge on dinner. All those 20 days we were pretty cheap with our food. So it was nice to say goodbye to Queensland with a fancy dinner at Harverst Restaurant. Oh, we got so lucky by picking this place. The food and wine were fantastic, true food art. The dessert just killed us. We ordered white chocolate baked cheesecake with sour cherry sauce... and oh my it was a goodness. The best cheesecake I have ever had in my life. I am not bullshiting. And, you know, I love cheesecakes. And this one was simply the best! It was a beautiful last night in Queensland.

I honestly couldn't believe how strongly Queensland felt like home. It's even not because of soft tropical weather. It's that laid back style of life with no rush, beaches in the middle of nowhere... A dream of mine. Will we be ever back? I hope we will. But the thing is it will never be the same. The drive we made in Queensland we will never repeat again. It was once in a lifetime crazy and wild drive. The longest drive in my life and the second longest in Robert's. And it will never be repeated. Never be repeated by us or by anyone else (as I don't think there are more of crazy people like us). Others may do roughly the same route, but they won't go off into the middle of nowhere as we did randomly exploring whatever road took our fancy. It feels so good and sad at the same time. We had it. We know it's there and how it looks. It's only ours. Forever.