Two Days in Agnes Water & Town of 1770, Queensland, Australia

Thinking no thing – or, thinking nothing – will limited-self unlimit.

What I loved the most about our two-day stay in the twin coastal towns of Agnes Water and the Town of 1770 is that the place is surrounded by national parks and the warm Coral Sea where we finally could swim. It was our first stop in Queensland where it was safe to go into the water. My happiness was endless and we knew immediately it's where we would spend two full days. Just right there chilling on the long beautiful Agnes Beach famous among surfers. The plan was pretty simple: to do nothing. 

Honestly, by the time we arrived to Agnes Water, we were so whupped, our brains were completely crashed by all the beauty we've seen during our Australian road trip  the last 17 days. We were ready to just stop going.  

But, as usual, we couldn't just sit on the beach for the whole two days (we always have a fire under our butts), so our first morning in Agnes Water we dedicated to a beautiful sunrise and a small walk on Round Hill trail in Joseph Banks Regional Park with stunning ocean views and rocky cliffs. We also walked through the section where many gorgeous butterflies live. It was a beautiful morning and I think the photos tell more than I can say with words.

By the way, Town of 1770 is the area known as the birthplace of Queensland. Captain Cook back in 1770 stepped onto Queensland for the first time. Both Agnes Water and Town of 1770 are very small towns with a couple of shops, a couple of restaurants and a few simple hotels and hostels. Nothing else around. No entertainment but hiking, surfing, swimming, enjoying the silence and pure nature. I would love to have an opportunity to live in this place, if not forever then for a year or so. We stayed at Sandcastles 1770 Resort where we scored on a huge apartment with living room, big bedroom and two balconies! 

The rest of that day and the next we spent on the beach doing nothing but swimming, in the state of mind of no-thinking. I was conscious only of watching the waves, the surfers, the birds, the clouds moving in the sky, the movement of the sea during the low tide. There was something in what I experienced I quite can't explain. I felt so free and aware. Almost like hypnotized into a different reality. Nothing was bothering me inside or out (which is quite unusual for me.) 

I honestly believe that human beings are always over-thinking which leads to the creation of more barriers in our modern world. Take technology, for example. While I was sitting on the Agnes Beach watching the sea I understood one very simple thing: the sea is the sea whether I think it's beautiful or ugly or blue or green. Whatever I say about the sea, what I perceive, is actually not the sea. The sea exists the way it is without my thoughts and opinions about it. So why do we create barriers between ourselves and nature by giving definitions to the most ridiculous things, I have no idea. But it's sad...