The Beautiful Beaches Of Lord Howe Island, Australia

Shhh! Don’t tell anybody about this island!

Oops, we did it again! We (well...technically me) found another hidden gem in the middle of the ocean at the edge of the world. Welcome to Lord Howe Island, the most dramatic and chill island I have ever visited in my life. I came across this island few years ago on the Internet while researching for a few long days islands around Australia with as much pure nature and as few people as possible... And when I saw Lord Howe, I simply fell in love with the photo and I knew immediately it's my island. I didn't want to think about any other island to visit during our first trip to Australia but this one! And oh my, I wasn't mistaken. I feel like it's my island, only mine. So I really want to show you this piece of paradise but at the same time I am jealous about even showing it to you. The good thing is no matter how many people learn about this island, it will never get crowded. Yep, never! Lord Howe Island is still a relatively well kept secret and they allow only 400 tourists at a time. So, as you can imagine we felt pretty secluded on the island, enjoying its spectacular natural beaches with no witnesses. It was such a beautiful week of complete relaxation after 3 weeks of driving all around Australia. 

Many of you know how addicted I am to the Islands that capture something in my imagination. I am attracted to them for their turquoise water, white sandy beaches and green lush surroundings, but none of the islands I have visited before possess the charm of Lord Howe Island. Trust me, Lord Howe Island offers so much more with its unique landscapes and dramatic beauty of spectacular volcanic cliffs, sea caves, pristine clear waters, exotic birds and marine life. 

So in this post I want to show you a few beaches where we spent most of our time while in my next post you'll find a story about the amazing trails we took for hiking.


Ned's Beach

Ned's Beach became our beach from day one. First of all, our cottage was located almost right on that beach. It was a 10 minute hike down to the beach every morning but, oh goodness, we had the quietest mornings over there. So perfect for reading! The water was so warm and soft. The uniqueness of Ned's Beach is not justin its spectacular coral reef but also the fish that hangs out next to the shore. Hungry fishes attack you as soon as your feet touch the water. Quite an outstanding experience! I have never felt eaten by fish before. It tickles. Even a lonely shark would come by every afternoon to say "hello" to the fishes and us.


Lagoon Beach

Lagoon Beach is the longest beach of the island. And it's definitely a postcard perfect beach. Too beautiful even to speak about it. Don't you think the combination of blue water and pine trees instead of palms is the most spectacular one?


Blinky Beach

To get to the Blinky Beach we rented bicycles. That was funny. I mean I was funny on the bicycle but I will never tell you the details of it. Too embarrassing.


Middle Beach

Middle Beach is simply spectacular. I honestly don't know what else to say. It's so beautiful there. Just beautiful! Did I say already it was beautiful there.. everywhere?

In 1982, The Lord Howe Island Group was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage property, in recognition of the global significance of the island’s beauty and biodiversity.