Video Postcard from Australia

Hello my dear friends and fellow travelers! 

I am sending you my video postcard from Australia, a once in a lifetime trip for Robert and me. 

The Aboriginal culture has a concept of 'dream time' and after 29 days of dreaming wide awake we understand this concept just a little bit more. It seemed our dreams passed before us every moment of every day, but they have already retreated into our imaginations and hearts. The beauty of pure nature we witnessed has changed everything for us, the way we think, our ideas and plans for the future. This was not just a trip along the wild Australian coast. It was a journey into the wilderness of our souls. I am quite surprised how much I learned about myself while driving through the middle of nowhere in complete silence. It was beautiful. It truly was.  

There is nothing I want more than to come back and explore more of this country, explore more of my own 'dream time.'